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StyleLikeU x Olie

Starting today, each episode of The What's Underneath Project, will feature the journeys of four powerfully unique women, each of whom have worked with Olie Biologique to create their own body oil that embodies their individuality.

Each Oil is a special limited edition, with just 25 bottles available by each What’s Underneath superstar.

First up is Sara Jane Adams a 60-year-old Australian jewelry designer who sees all of what life hands you, including post-pregnancy tummies, wrinkles, and hot flashes, as an opportunity to find your true beauty and inner gangster. In her pattern-upon-pattern layers and silver curls, she makes menopause a badge of honor. For her oil, Sara used vetiver from Haiti and Kashmiri Blue Tansy in order to nurture, nourish, and highlight her aging skin.

Next week is Biet Simkin. The death of mother at 7 years old led to struggles with drug addiction and a narcissistic pursuit of fame in the me-me-me art scene. After hitting rock bottom, the Queens native woke up to her calling. Biet has become a selfless meditation guide whose oil reveals her tough-love approach to healing through the use of spicy yet sweet fragrances of frankincense, ginger, and vanilla. PS, the special aspect of Biet’s oil is pure 23k gold flakes, an homage to her diva days.

Our third superstar, the uncensored Jamaican poet Staceyann Chin, stands up tall to stereotypes regarding her race, sexuality, gender, and being a single mom. Her drive to awaken people to their misperceptions and create a utopia is reflected in her oil’s soothing, brightening, and bursting mix of pomegranate, fennel, lemon, and pumpkin.

For our finale, New Zealander Georgia Pratt comes out of her shell as a plus-size model, standing up to the male gaze in photoshoots and on the street. A  zesty, wistful spirit, Georgia’s oil combines ginger, May Chang, grapefruit, and tarragon.

Watch our trailer of the collaboration and get the first oil on Friday! Ten percent of the proceeds go towards our movement for self-acceptance.

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