Sid Marcos, Dispelling Beauty Myths
Dispelling Beauty Myths: Disabilities

Our new Dispelling Beauty Myths with Allure is confronting our culture’s insidious beauty norms that exclude anyone with disabilities. Our third video features Sid Marcos, a disability advocate and vlogger who traverses the globe creating unconventional (and fully accessible) travel guides. Sid suffered a spinal cord injury as a baby that left her unable to walk. But don’t be confused, she never ‘overcame’ anything to get to this point, and she is not here to be an ‘inspiration.’ As Sid explains in her video, “It didn’t ever feel like there was something that I couldn’t do, like personal limitations. It always seemed like the situations that I would get in were extremely unprepared for people like me.” Sid gets real about dating, traveling, and the outdated way we define disability itself.

To see how Sid is breaking down the structures of mainstream culture and beauty, and empowering herself in the process, press play above to watch the full video now!

Sid's episode of Dispelling Beauty Myths was edited by Christophe McHale

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