The What's Underneath Project: London Trailer, What's Underneath
The What's Underneath Project: London Trailer

One of the fundamental goals of our Kickstarter in 2014 was to turn I Am What’s Underneath into a global movement. Thanks to your support, for the first time we’ve been able to film What’s Underneath episodes in a place outside the United States. Next week we’ll premiering the first episode that we shot during our magical, mesmerizing trip to London, where we met eight women who courageously bared all in sharing their stories with us.

For us, London is just the beginning. We will be taking the project to Buenos Aires and South Africa (and perhaps a couple of other surprise countries). The self-image crisis is not just an American issue. Thanks to your Facebook messages, emails, and soulful Skype chats, we know that contaminated, one-dimensional notions of style and beauty are perpetuated in countless countries and cultures.

London marks our first stop in demolishing these self-destructive norms and replacing them with standards centered upon expressing and accepting our true selves.

Episodes begin Monday, March 21st!

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