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The What's Underneath Project on Fullscreen

You’re looking at the 9 awe-inspiring individuals who bared all in a special new season of The What’s Underneath Project, created in collaboration with Fullscreen.

This season, we’re peeling back the layers that keep us closed off from our freest selves: shame we’ve been taught to feel about our bodies, prescribed ideals of fame and external validation, and toxic beauty standards. These 8 episodes reveal the beauty of embracing our individual struggles and harnessing the collective strength of our unapologetic truth and inherent self-worth.

Starting Monday, September 19th, we will be releasing two episodes a week for a month. All eight episodes will air on Fullscreen, whose support brought them into existence. To watch, all you have to do is sign up for your free month-long trial. Throughout the season, you can follow us on Instagram and YouTube for stories and clips from the episode. But, trust us, you will want to sign up to see these full-length powerhouse mega-amazing episodes in the full (we’ve been working on them since January and quietly freaking out over them for months).

A special thanks to the people who participated in this season: Grace Dunham, Christina Perri, Lauren Wasser, Gaby Dunn, Crystal Valentine, Lina Esco, Jessie Kahnweiler, and Felicia Rosshandler and Edmundo Desnoes.

Elisa and Lily

New episodes begin Monday, September 19!
Video edited by Andrea Cruz

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