Jamar Rogers, What's Underneath
The Voice Finalist Finds Self-Worth By Opening Up About HIV

The second episode of our Summer ‘16 season of The What’s Underneath Project features singer-songwriter Jamar Rogers. Growing up in a strict Pentecostal household, he  was relentlessly shamed for his sexuality, humiliated by rituals where his family and church spoke in tongues and poured olive oil on him in order to “rebuke his gay demons.” Becoming addicted to crystal meth as a teen and young adult resulted in an HIV diagnosis. Choosing to share his struggles rather than being ashamed of them, Jamar became one of the most inspiring voices on The Voice, illuminating how we can each reach our unlimited self via limitless openness. As Jamar says, “I didn't know that talking about the one thing that terrified me would open so many doors. We're getting to a point in society where we're sick of the frills -- we just want the truth.”

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Jamar's video was edited by Andrea Cruz and Naomi Ranz-Schleifer

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