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An Uncensored Voice Is Always Relevant

Black lives matter, and, in honor of Black History Month, all of our videos will feature the personal stories of eight brave and unique black individuals whose struggles, triumphs, and authentic style bring to the forefront pressing issues related to race in this country.

Our month launches with a new What's Underneath featuring superstar fashion stylist Lysa Cooper. She’s a lover of the eclectic, wildly bottom-up New York of the 80s, which is where she found herself when she moved here at 15. Lysa’s combination of 'tude and unselfconscious confidence are evident in how she makes shabby layers of sweatpants and flannels sexy. That, mixed with her piercing awareness and her first-hand experience as a stylist to the stars, gives Lysa’ an indomitable voice regarding racial issues, such as her past struggles with finding clothes for her black clients (including Mary J. Blige).

We are so inspired by Lysa's fearlessness in all things, but especially in her powerful acceptance of her own vulnerability. "Blonds really are having more fun,”  Lysa states, while talking about the the lack of responses she gets on dating sites. “It doesn’t matter your skin color, men just like long, flowy blond hair. I look horrible as a blond. It’s fucking hard, dude. I'm not depressed, I'm fucking lonely, and I'm tired that nobody else wants to talk about it."

To get Lysa’s full unapologetic, uncensored perspective, watch the video above!

Elisa + Lily

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What's Underneath is shot and edited by Andrea Cruz
It's produced by Elisa, Lily, & Mona

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