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Poet vs. Patriarchy

We are in lock-step with the brazen performance poet Staceyann Chin, who declares in this week’s What’s Underneath episode:  “I’m gunning for utopia.” To achieve this, the radical activist knows that she can't just be concerned about her story, but the stories of people who neither look like her nor share her beliefs: “Any push from the left has to be a multi-issue push. I don't want just the black group, or just the lesbians, or just the immigrants to take over. I want everyone to share the planet’s resources safely and happily.” Her zeal for “true equality” comes from her own brutal struggles. She suffered corrective rape as a lesbian college student in her native Jamaica and spent six months confined to her bed while pregnant with her daughter. But this single parent's resilience and commitment to to an authentic future knows no bounds. As Staceyann states, “I’m proud of my eczema elbows and my  scars and my vagina that has survived so many difficult places and is still inclined to pleasure.” Indeed, this is a real-deal revolutionary super mom who loves a good steak and whose relentless honesty will leave you with an irresistible urge to interrupt the status quo for all.

For the totality of Staceyann’s loud, proud soul, watch her episode, then spread the message that utopia is within our grasp by sharing this post with your friends and loved ones!

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