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A Fearlessly Vulnerable Voice Stands Up to Rape

“For so long, I’ve been told to shut up about my weaknesses and insecurities,” says Sara Elise Hardman. But in our new What’s Underneath episode, the soft-spoken personal chef steps out of her amazing drawstring drop-crotch trousers and unveils her strength by opening up about her struggles with her multiracial identity, an abusive boyfriend, and rape. “Rape isn’t always getting snatched into a van when you’re walking home late at night. I was raped by someone I knew,” Sara says. In a culture where many still view sexual assault as a tolerable norm, Sara counteracts that toxic status quo by clearly  defining what consensual sex DOESN’T look like: “Any time you don’t want to continue having sex and someone forces you to, that’s rape.” Today, the girl who used to wear pink ribbons in her hair to fit in with the white kids at school is letting her locks and her voice fly, all while using her cooking skills to spread healing. “Society tells us to be afraid of everything, but we can’t let fear hinder our action,” Sara states.

To see all of Sara’s fearless vulnerability, watch her What’s Underneath episode above then share her journey with your friends and loved ones!

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