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An Outcast Transitioning to a Leader

Being trans, black, and adopted by white Jewish parents, Ryley Pogensky, the model/writer of our new What’s Underneath, refers to himself as “the token of every token.” But to us, his distinctions, combined with his bravery to be so honest about them, makes him a superstar. “If you’ve never had the bullshit then you can never appreciate the real shit,” Ryley, who’s starting his testosterone treatment (aka “T”) as we speak, feels. And this Bruce Weber muse is as open as they come about his journey, unveiling his disconnect with his vagina and the this-is-me moment that occurred the first time he used a strap on. About the size-8 feet that got him teased in third grade, Ryley now embraces his “huge feet” as an omen for who he was always meant to be. Indeed, the qualities that once made you feel like an outcast might one day reflect your true essence!  For more on the man who used what set him apart to find his truth, watch his What’s Underneath episode above!


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Ryley's video was edited by Andrea Cruz
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