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Compare Yourself to Yourself

Jewelry designer Reign Apiim showed up for her What’s Underneath interview in one of her Harajuku-esque, jaw-dropping medleys that consisted of, among other things, loads of her byzantine jewels, an Indian princess tiara over her multi-colored hair that wraps into a Rasta beehive, a pastel blue baby doll slip, and gay-pride socks. “I love to confuse people,” states Reign. “They walk over and ask me: What religion are you? What country do you come from? Are you going to a ball? But for me, it's just Wednesday, and I make a lot friends dressing this way.” Feeling most vulnerable when she’s alone and learning to embrace her severely pigeoned toes, the Pittsburgh native ended her What’s Underneath shoot with: “We have to compare ourselves only to ourselves in order to reach our destinies.” For us, this means stop seeing how you stack up to the photoshopped-to-the-nines model/celebrity/whatever and start thinking about how you’re manifesting your own authentic beauty and potential.

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