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You Don’t Need Hair to Be Beautiful

Having lost all of her hair when she was one and a half, yet not hesitating to take her clothes off and tell her story for the cause of self acceptance, Honor NYC co-founder Rachel Fleit is our kind of megastar/superhero. What we have forgotten in our present homogenous culture is that outstanding beauty is all about the stand out (not the blend in) and owning it. During our interview with Rachel, I found myself half obsessing on how she’d be the one I’d choose in my old styling days for an editorial shoot: Rachel in a ball gown, Rachel in a black turtleneck sweater, or Rachel in a tuxedo. It’s the kind of obsession I have when I’m personally transformed by the presence of true rareness. Her story of spending a life disembodied from herself because of how vigilantly she felt she had to hide her baldness from the world is wrenching. But staggeringly uplifting is the pride that she has in herself today. Bald and "perfect,” Rachel says about her present self. "I wouldn’t have the depth if I was the blond with long hair.”


Rachel bears witness to our belief that style
Is not about wanting to be someone else,
Is comfort in your skin,
Is immaterial,
Is What's Underneath.

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What’s Underneath is produced by Elisa, Lily, & Mona
Rachel’s video was edited by Andrea Cruz
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