Parents Should Thank Their Children: Agathe Rousselle, What's Underneath
Parents Should Thank Their Children: Agathe Rousselle

“Parents should thank their children and not the other way around.” Agathe knows this after having been the daughter of a mother who has wreaked havoc on her sense of self with a lifetime of conditional love. As fundamental to Agathe as her tomboy layers is brutal honesty around her struggles. From the destabilizing fear of abandonment to dressing to avoid the invasion of the male gaze, Agathe’s journey from darkness to truth has grounded her in healthy communication with her partner, who committed to sobriety when she found it in herself to give him an ultimatum. Agathe may know pain, but her refusal to be ashamed of it has given way to a fuller self with no tolerance for being a model and wearing someone else’s style, or for love that is selfish.

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