Not-So-Identical Twins: Nola and Nadine Hanson’s Gender Story, What's Underneath
Not-So-Identical Twins: Nola and Nadine Hanson’s Gender Story

In this special episode, we interviewed 28-year-old identical twins, Nola and Nadine Hanson. Nadine is a cis-gender woman and Nola is gender nonconforming. From a young age, Nola never felt at home in their body, and was told by society that opting to cut their hair short and wear “boys” clothing was not ok. They were forced to repress their true identity to make others feel safe and comfortable. Nadine, being so close to Nola through their profound connection, felt Nola’s pain. Just as Nola was not allowed to feel comfortable in their body, Nadine didn’t feel comfortable in hers, leading to years and years of disordered eating. As Nola has come to own their identity and power, Nadine, too, has been able to heal her own issues around her body. They have both been freed from the box others put them in, and although they are starting to not look so identical, they feel right at home.

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