Noa Sade, What's Underneath
Just Because Someone Else Feels Small Doesn’t Mean That You Have To

“My gynecologist said the other day, ‘Take off all your clothes but leave the jewelry’” -— that’s the beginning of our interview in which we strip it all down to the essence of of Lionette NY jewels designer/co-founder, Noa Sade. She is today’s new What’s Underneath solider (and we do mean SOLIDER, since Noa, as with all Israel citizens, had to serve two years in the Israeli army), and we’ve been girl-crushing since we first spotted Noa on the LES with her dance-meets-earth-goddess, I-don’t-conform air. “The fashion world tells us that we are incomplete,” she says, but we love how Noa embraces her choice to love herself with her regal nose and buddha-like acceptance of aging and death. Today, Noa has stepped into her power after years of being derided by other girls: “I used to make myself feel smaller so others would not feel small next to me, but now I realize that if you feel small, it’s not my fault.” Believing that “beauty is on the inside and has nothing to do with external features,” Noa’s relationship to her body, for us, is the definition of empowering: “I never tell it bad things. I sleep when I'm tired, I eat when I'm hungry, and if I feel it's time to have sex with someone, I do.” To take in all of Noa’s unapologetic candor, watch her What’s Underneath episode above.

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