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A Sparkling Force of Curvy Goodness

As positive as her pink and yellow power colors, it took us approximately one sec to melt for this week’s What’s Underneath sparkling force, model Naomi Shimada. “My favorite body part is my mouth,” Naomi told us. “All the things I love about my life come from my from mouth, like kissing and eating.” Not to mention her infectious giggles and stream of body image sagacity that flows in her Japanese (she was born in Japan)/European (she moved to Spain at 11) accent. Starting out as a “straight-size” model, Naomi tried every diet and exercise (and even hypnotherapy) in order to rid herself of her natural shape. “I was suppressing my soul,” Naomi realized. “When I began to plus-size model, I could look exactly how I’m supposed to look. The bigger I get, the more I I carry the weight in a way that is right for me.” To us, that confidence in her skin is so intoxicating that we literally want to inhale it. As Naomi herself stated, “I’ve been so many different weights my whole life. I feel like you can look great at any size.”

For a goddess that can’t be reduced to a number on a scale, watch Naomi’s journey above then share her curvy goodness with your friends and loved ones!

Elisa + Lily

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Naomi's video was edited by Andrea Cruz
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