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Motherhood With Guts & Without the “Mommy Blog”

Alexa Wilding’s front door used to be obstructed by fixations of Joni-Mitchell, “it”-girl fame and glamorized mommy-blog motherhood. Now, at 33, she is as accessible as she is real. “I remember being devastated when a picture of the kale I had for dinner got more likes than ‘Hey everyone, I released my record today,” Alexa confesses. But her traumatic journey of becoming a side-show player early on in her music career, having a miscarriage, and then nursing her one-year-old twin back to health from a brain tumor, has flipped the script for Alexa. Today, she’s conscious of where true self-worth actually comes from. To see Alexa rip off the filter, drop the frame, and show herself for who she is — a liberated musician who feels the most beautiful as she loses herself in the visceral underbelly of motherhood — watch our new What’s Underneath above!

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Alexa's video was edited by Andrea Cruz
What's Underneath is produced by Elisa, Lily, & Mona

Thank you, Chantelle Lingerie, for sponsoring this episode and for providing Alexa with a personal bra fitting and the lingerie shown in this video. For more info about Chantelle, please visit their website.

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