Charli Howard, What's Underneath
Her Modeling Agency Dumped Her, So She Drops the Truth on Them

“Beauty isn't measured by a number," states Charli Howard, the London model who spent the first part of her career measuring her body parts upwards of 5 times a day, avoiding salt like the plague, and existing on energy bars and hot drinks -- all in effort to abide by the malnourished beauty standards of the fashion industry. But after her agency dropped her, Charli ripped the mask off of the dehumanizing modeling world via a passionate, no-holds-barred Facebook post that went viral. "We always say, 'Let's make change,’ but we never fucking do,” Charli observes. But with her More Than a Number campaign, Charli is determined to let women know that our self-worth can never be restricted to a clothing size.

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Charli's video was edited by Andrea Cruz & Christophe McHale

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What's Underneath
What's Underneath
What's Underneath