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Beauty Is a State of Being

Part of our exploration with What’s Underneath is to redefine beauty and to bust open the rigid and stagnant status quo — for us, any status quo is boring and thus not beautiful. There is little to say about model Melanie Gaydos, other than that her strength is so super human that it renders us completely humble to her extraordinariness. She’s not only journeyed through ectodermal dysplasia (a genetic disorder that effects your pores, your hair, your teeth, and your nails), but an alcoholic family, abuse, and suicidal thoughts. Today, Melanie sees beauty as a state of being that she has achieved through her experiences. Amen.

Elisa + Lily

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What’s Underneath is produced by Elisa, Lily, & Mona
Melanie’s video was edited by Andrea Cruz
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What's Underneath
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