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Society Is Kaput & Other Truths From an Ageless Spirit

The star of our new What’s Underneath, Lisl Steiner, wants to look older (as in not younger) so she says she’s 88 (even though she’s really 87). How's that for some counter-culture realness?!?! A former Life Magazine photographer who has shot Fidel Castro 27 times (among many of life's other earth-shakers), favors a makeup regime that reflects “the madame of a whorehouse.” Lisl’s style is “no style” and she’s inspired by the primitiveness of the Indian and African tribes that she’s photographed and lived with.

“Society is kaput,” Lisl feels, and, with no apologies, she calls out all of the bullshit swamping our culture. From Facebook (she wrote a letter to that “creepy owner,” aka Zuckerberg) to dying (she facilitated her suffering husband’s death at 88 and plans to exit gracefully herself), hearing Lisl’s story is like finding a chest chocked full of legendary treasures. She doesn’t give a fuck if her lipstick doesn't look so good when it falls into the lines on her face. And, after watching her journey, you might cease to give any fucks too!

Elisa + Lily

Lisl's video was shot & edited by Andrea Cruz
What's Underneath is produced by Elisa, Lily, & Mona

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All editorial decisions were made by us (StyleLikeU) and are in keeping with the mission of the What’s Underneath Project.

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