Stav B, What's Underneath
Life Without the Formula

“I like to be different, because I am different and because I feel different,” states the queer performance artist and speakeasy proprietress Stav B. As forceful as her countess-esque cape, her Cabaret suspenders, and her no-nonsense topknot, Stav lets it rip about the screaming clashes she had as a teen with her mother. As Stav states, “She knew she was going to lose me -- she knew I was scary.” Creating her own unapologetic mark on the world, Stav takes on our casual-sex Tinder-Grindr culture, as well as our increasingly robotic, algorithmic way of life. For us, Stav speaks nothing but truth when she declares: “There’s no formula to love, no formula to be a human being, no formula to be a worker,  and there’s no formula to how to live.”

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Stav's video was edited by Andrea Cruz and Kirsten Johnson

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What's Underneath
What's Underneath