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Professor Badass Opens Up About MS & Learning to Smile at 50

“People mistake me for being gay or for being the kind of guy who gets my nails done,” says Kevin Stewart, the former Fashion Director at ESPN Magazine and founder of Old School Shirt Makers. In O Brother Where Art Thou overalls and a Sunday afternoon John Deere cap, Kevin brought his bluesy Americana style to our What's Underneath Project. With the wisdom that his Lincoln beard and professorial specs project, Kevin speaks frankly about his brutal struggle with MS, like not being able to leave the house for eight months as he held onto walls for equilibrium. Today, at 50, he finds an extra 15 pounds entertaining and he is able to appreciate a certain stillness that has come to him from literally not being able to "run" anymore. "I go to sleep with a smile on my face because I can sit back in my little rocking chair & say, ‘I stirred some shit up.’”

What’s Underneath is produced by Elisa, Lily, & Mona
Kevin’s video was edited by Andrea Cruz
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