kelsey lu mcjunkins, What's Underneath
Escaping Jehovah’s Witnesses & Finding Savior In Her Own Creativity

It is so important and takes so much courage to rip off the facade and bare your story in order to break the chains of fear, shame, and hopelessness that so many others are feeling. So we’re obsessed with the monumental honesty (which is our kind of beautiful) of Kelsey Lu McJunkins. She grew up in such a strict Jehovah’s Witness family that she had to ultimately jump out of the window to escape when she was a teenager. An indestructible spirit, Kelsey refused the modest dress code of her parents’ religion and carried the clothes that actually reflected who she was in a bag to her high school so that she could change when she got there. For college, Kelsey earned an almost full scholarship with an on-the-spot cello audition that she literally had to beg the professor for. Music was her savior, and in order to get the money to pursue her passion, on her own terms and alone, Kelsey stripped to pay for books and rent. Remarkable is her guts to share with us how doing something so out of her realm lead to one of her greatest sources of freedom and strength. Kelsey’s advice to her 12-year-old self: “What you're feeling shouldn’t be ignored.” Today, Kelsey is living her dreams as a professional cellist in her swashbuckler hat and schoolgirl thigh-highs. For more of Kelsey’s powerfully gorgeous good vibes, watch her episode of the What’s Underneath Project above!

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