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Blowing Up the Miscarriage Taboo While Nine-Months Pregnant

In this What’s Underneath episode sponsored by Chantelle Lingerie, we are so grateful to personal stylist and co-owner of White-Starr Aesthetic Consulting, Karyn Starr, for being nine months pregnant (she just gave birth last week!) and stripping down to help us dispel the myth that people who suffer from depression are unhappy and that women with extra large breasts are always thrilled to be so well endowed. In fact, Karyn was suffering physically and emotionally with her breast size, and it took guts for her to have the reduction surgery. But we were especially touched by this mother of two’s honesty regarding the excruciating pain that she went through during two late miscarriages — a topic that is not talked about openly enough. Karyn has an infectious humility, openness and kindness despite her suffering (there isn’t a bitter bone in her body), and that, to us, is so beautiful.

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Karyn's video was edited by Andrea Cruz
What's Underneath is produced by Elisa, Lily, & Mona

Thank you, Chantelle Lingerie, for sponsoring this episode and for providing Karyn with a personal bra fitting and the lingerie shown in this video. For more info about Chantelle, please visit their website.

Chantelle Lingerie is meticulously crafted to dignify a woman’s body. Designed to reflect a couture spirit while providing an exceptional fit, Chantelle lingerie has enhanced women's beauty, style and confidence for over 130 years.

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