juliana huxtable, What's Underneath
A Transition From a Bullied Boy with Breasts to an Empowered Female

We asked DJ, writer, and artist Juliana Huxtable to be a part of the What’s Underneath Project due to her extreme bravery in breaking though society’s rigid, fearful, and damaging notions of gender identity. She is a pioneer, who faced growing breasts and hips as a 5th grade boy, but, today, would love to show that isolated fifth-grade chubby self how thriving she is. In the midst of transitioning to be her more true feminine self, Julianna is giving the world a greater understanding of nature and its many shades of gender identification.

Follow Juliana on Twitter:@HUXTABLEJULIANA
Follow her on Instagram: @julianahuxtable
What’s Underneath is produced by Elisa, Lily, & Mona
Juliana's video was edited by Andrea Cruz
Stay tuned for more What’s Underneath episodes coming soon!!

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