Jorge Wright, What's Underneath
Letting Down the Dreads & Opening Up About His Insecurities

“My style says that I am really loud, obnoxious, and in-your-face. And I really am in-your-face,” says the subject of today’s What’s Underneath video, Jorge Wright, who we love for his wide-open, often hilarious honesty. You have to dig too deeply these days to find the realness, and we could all use more of the kind of belly laughs that Jorge’s charming self-deprecation summons. It takes a lot of guts to admit, as Jorge does, that he suffers from insecurities, like his crooked smile from missing nerves on his face and feeling that he’s not “masculine” enough as a skinny-ish guy. But with his showstopper dreads and quirky, playful style, Jorge, to us, is nothing but a standout. Vulnerability is courage, and beauty, much more than any photoshopped six-pack, is the confidence to share your vulnerabilities.

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What's Underneath is produced by Elisa, Lily, & Mona
Jorge's video was edited by Adaeze Elechi
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