I Am Not My Trauma: How Uzumaki Cepeda Heals Abuse Through Art, What's Underneath
I Am Not My Trauma: How Uzumaki Cepeda Heals Abuse Through Art

Uzumaki Cepeda is not defined by the sexual abuse she experienced as a child. Instead, she channels her trauma into creating literal safe spaces and installations dedicated to helping heal herself and others. Growing up in a Dominican community, Uzumaki had to unlearn whitewashing and programming around what makes a woman beautiful. Through stripping to survive, she found a renewed sense of empowerment and love for her body. But when stripping took up too much of her time, she left that life and risked it all to follow her instincts and become an artist.

You can follow Uzumaki and her work here: https://www.instagram.com/uzumaki.gallery/

*Please note, This video contains sensitive material about sexual abuse that some may find triggering.*

Big thanks to ThirdLove, the inclusive bra company, for making this video possible. https://www.thirdlove.com/

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