How Terminal Cancer Showed Beth Fairchild That She Was Enough, What's Underneath
How Terminal Cancer Showed Beth Fairchild That She Was Enough

At age 34, Beth Fairchild was told she only had 2 years to live. Through this diagnosis, she realized that her conventional beauty had never defined her. Letting go of identifying with being 5’10, with blonde hair and double D breasts, made her realize that she was always enough and had always been. Now, 6 years later, Beth is still confronted with her terminal diagnosis everyday but has found a strength and gratitude she never knew she had. In this time, Beth met her soulmate at a fundraising event for cancer and has become a leading voice for women with Metastatic Breast Cancer. “I have no control over my cancer, no control over what it’s gonna do to my body. But what I do have control over is how I live my life and what I do right now in this moment.” - Beth Fairchild in the latest episode of What’s Underneath.

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