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Beautifully Handsome: Grace Dunham Realizes That They Don't Have To Check A Gender Box To Be Free

Grace Dunham redefines the beautifully handsome grey space of being transgender. Growing up, Grace agonized over fitting into the box of 'perfect femme lesbian.' Surrounded by traditionally successful family members, Grace struggled with feelings of shame and felt they needed to compensate for their sexuality by being the ‘perfect girl’ in every other way.

When their friendship with trans activist Reina Gossett opened them up to infinite possibilities of gender identity, Grace began to question why we associate body parts with a way of being in the world, and felt liberated to pursue a journey that defies simplistic categorization. "I don’t know if I want to be a man, if I want to take hormones, get top surgery, if I’m a woman. When am I going to fucking figure it out? Maybe just accepting that I don't have a name for myself and accepting that uncertainty is a more accurate reflection and a more freeing reflection of who I want to be, than trying to just figure out which box is best. I think self acceptance and self love is a process that might not ever come to an end.”

Filmed in 2016 and previously hosted exclusively on Fullscreen’s subscription platform, this fall we are thrilled to re-release eight episodes of The What’s Underneath Project on our YouTube channel, free and accessible to all.

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