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Real Talk About Big Breasts & the Male Gaze

In today’s new What’s Underneath, model and designer Georgia Pratt brings her earthy New-Zealand charm to blazers and trousers and how she REALLY feels about the misogynist body image issues that women face. “I think that all females find it hard to be honest about their experiences with their body and sexuality,” Georgia states. “Having massive boobs at 17 made me feel excluded from certain situations. I wasn't sure how I felt about them or what I should do with them.” But by opening up to other women who felt insecure about their own chest, Georgia discovered the confidence to wear fitted tanks on the NYC streets in spite of the predatory gaze from males. She also found the bravery to listen to her body as it navigates the pressure-packed modeling terrain: “Once, they wanted me to wear a cup-less corset. My body was shouting at me not to do it, so I told them no way, and they were fine with it.” By standing up for what her insides tell her, Georgia is a role model, not just for her frankness about her sister who's battling a mental illness (6:15 - 8:58), but for how she empowers all females who have ever felt like they had to put other people’s feelings before their own.

For Georgia’s journey from reserved New Zealander to outspoken New Yorker, watch her episode above, then spread the message one should always express and never repress their feelings by sharing this post with your friends and loved ones

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