Fat, Happy And Wearing WTF She Wants: Enam Asiama, What's Underneath
Fat, Happy And Wearing WTF She Wants: Enam Asiama

We are thrilled to announce that The What’s Underneath Project is back! Our first episode kicks off with Ghanean born Enam Asiama, a plus-size model who is paving the way for all fat bodies in an industry that has often only embraced a curvy, hour-glass shape. Despite being told throughout her life that she shouldn’t wear bright colors or patterns because of her size, she wears them all and with joyful confidence that says a big f* you to the world. Incessantly fat-shamed, sexualized and degraded, Enam’s weapon against it all is that she loves her body and is calling out to the fashion industry to address her hunger for the choices of clothing that smaller women enjoy. Don’t try to dim her light, for as Enam states, “I’m a divine energy coming to consume your space.” Thank you to Lunette, the convenient, ecological and economical menstrual cup, for making this episode possible!

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