Force of Nature Fannie Sosa Refuses the Colonial Gaze, What's Underneath
Force of Nature Fannie Sosa Refuses the Colonial Gaze

“What was beauty before mirrors?” Fannie’s approach to healing is getting to the source of our problems, leaving no stone unturned. Instead of ‘numbing’ our pain, acknowledge it. Fannie herself is unstoppable in her own healing process with her no holds barred honesty about the pain she has endured being an afro-diasporic woman in the face of the white colonial gaze. Her acute awareness has given her the rare wisdom to understand that she feels the most beautiful, not because of how toned she is in a selfie, her job or who she is sitting next to, but because of the intrinsic value of being herself. This and more truths that need exposing for the injustices that they are: scruffy-chic style and the time and vehicles for healing are privileges of the white, skinny and wealthy in Fannie’s full episode.

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