Eryn Lefkowitz, What's Underneath
Discovering Her True Body at 26

The What’s Underneath Project celebrates our belief that style, far from being just clothes, is a resolute spirt. In Part 4, artist and close friend Eryn Lefkowitz, in her layers-of-black uniform, tells about her struggles with anorexia and pill addiction for the first time — a journey that had her and us balling. “Everyone would tell me that I had a sick bod and that I should model,” Eryn reveals. “No one ever said, ‘Oh my God, you look so skinny — not cute.'” Having gained 30 pounds since receiving treatment in January, Eryn’s story is a testament to her ultra inspiring determination to confront her illness, as well as an indictment of our culture’s harmful beauty norms, where eating disorders are synonymous with looking hot. Though she still rocks her armor of Chrome Hearts silver, Eryn, in her true physique, is learning to “feel more secure with the insecure.” Loaded with many emotions for the first time, Eryn’s vulnerability has her feeling stronger and more beautiful than ever. By doing this video and sharing her battle with the world, Eryn, to us, is a super power. It doesn’t get much braver than her.

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Part Four was produced by Elisa, Lily, & Mona
This video was edited by Adaeze Elechi

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