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Mother Supreme

Obsessed with being honest, Domino Kirke wears the same three or four things in heavy rotation until they are "smelly rags." Though the anti-faddist mom puts comfort ahead of looks, her effortless style had us panting for the jumpsuits that were buried in our closets. A no-holds-barred individual, Domino is just as at home being a musician as she is with being a doula (someone who assists in childbirth) and with the liberation of giving birth at 24. “Everything comes out in childbirth,” the truth-seeking single mom states. She reveals that she felt a sadness during her son’s birth due to her tumultuous relationship with her own family growing up, where the enormous pressure to look the part of an “it” girl in the fashionable NYC “scene” made her a shell of herself.

Today, Domino has settled into who she is, with an unaffected outside that matches her no-bullshit inside. “If I feel like shit right before I have to sing, I have to find a way to be OK so that I can connect with my audience,” Domino tells us. “I have to do that as a doula too. You can’t be in the same space as a woman giving birth and feel sad. You have to surrender and be there for her.” Through singing, raising a child as a single parent, and aiding in over 100 births and counting, Domino has put her struggles behind her and resurrected into mother supreme.

For more of Domino’s journey from being plagued by the need for external approval to reaching internal acceptance, watch her video!

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