Crystal Valentine, What's Underneath
Crystal Valentine’s Poetry Rips Through Systemic Racism And Weaves Wounds Into Self Love

“To be in a world filled with people who hate you for being black, for being women, for being queer, for loving yourself, for not caring about their opinions — and to say that ‘I don't care. I still love myself,’ that is so empowering, and that itself is activism.” In her episode of The What’s Underneath Project, Crystal Valentine boldly unravels her journey from being an insecure teen striving to conform to the flowy hair, skinny jeans beauty norms of high school, to becoming an irrepressible spoken word poet and a force for truth that can’t be silenced.

Filmed in 2016 and previously hosted exclusively on Fullscreen’s subscription platform, this fall we are thrilled to re-release eight episodes of The What’s Underneath Project on our YouTube channel, free and accessible to all.

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