clementine desseaux, What's Underneath
Making Cellulite, Pimples, and No Thigh Gap Dreamy

Our second What's Underneath episode in partnership with Chantelle stars model Clementine Desseaux. We love Clem for tearing down the notion that models live their lives like their photoshopped and oversexed campaigns and editorials. On her Instagram and Facebook, Clem posts pictures of herself and her perfect imperfections -- her cellulite, her "belly," and her pimples -- to reveal that models are real people. The first curvy girl to appear on  TV in France, she was ridiculed in her country for not supporting the myth of the petite, cute French woman who "eats croissants all day and never puts on weight." Clem took life into her own hands by leaving France and finding a newfound peace with herself in the USA. Empowered by the diversity of NYC, Clem, no longer trying to change her laugh or her weight, now wakes up feeling like Cinderella. If a princess is someone who embraces their body instead of forcing it to fit preposterous beauty norms, then Clem, to us, is unquestionably worthy of the tiara.

Elisa + Lily

Follow Clementine on Instagram: @bonjourclem
Follow her on Twitter: @BonjourClem
Clementine's video was edited by Andrea Cruz
What's Underneath is produced by Elisa, Lily, & Mona

Thank you, Chantelle Lingerie, for sponsoring this episode and for providing Clementine with a personal bra fitting and the lingerie shown in this video.

Chantelle Lingerie is meticulously crafted to dignify a woman’s body. Designed to reflect a couture spirit while providing an exceptional fit, Chantelle lingerie has enhanced women’s beauty, style and confidence for over 130 years.

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