Casper-Malte Divine Jörgensen, What's Underneath
Gender-Liberation in the Dance World

Our latest What’s Underneath muse, Casper-Malte Divine Jörgensen, is a dancer that, believe or not, has struggled a lot with being androgynous in the ballet world. “The segregation of men and and women is bullshit. We all have ten fingers, ten toes, and one heart,” Casper states. In addition to fighting for his “in-between” status as a dancer, Casper has been fearless in exploring all manner of dress since he was a kid. He’s been mistaken from behind as a girl, and he always takes pleasure in seeing the different reactions. When it comes to gender, the Denmark dancer is ballsy in tearing down norms — red lipstick and ginger curls are his signature - and we love how he feels zero need to justify his dreamy androgyny. For more of Casper's sweet and strong vulnerability, watch the video above.

Follow Casper on Instagram: @casperbeautiful
What’s Underneath is produced by Elisa, Lily, & Mona
Casper’s video was edited by Andrea Cruz
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