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Hitting Rock Bottom Then Hitting Upon Her Highest Self

When her mom died of pancreatic cancer at seven, Biet Simkin, the balls-out mediation guide of our new What’s Underneath, was told by her yogi Russian immigrant dad, “One day, everything will work out for you.” Fast forward to hitting rock bottom, where a lifetime battle with an alcohol-cocaine-heroin addiction that masked her lack of self worth awakened Biet to the veracity of her father’s words. As Biet states, "My value was wrapped up in how I was perceived. But then I realized that my value was indestructible, because it wasn't what you saw in front of you, it was invisible, and they can't take away from me something that is invisible." No longer letting her hedonistic whims drag her around, the Cleopatra-by-way-of-Jackson-Heights is feeling less full of shit and more like her highest self as she helps others discover their higher self: "What I’ve seen in my spiritual work is that we’re all light. My body, though,  is matter, and that allows me to remember what light is. My body is what I’m not, and by remembering what I’m not, I remember what I am.”

To see Biet’s entire journey from self-indulgent scenester to selfless mediation guide, watch her story above, then spread message that sometimes you need to fall apart in order to come together by by sharing this post with your friends and loved ones.

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