Barbie Ferreira, What's Underneath
Barbie Ferreira: A Curve Model Lets It All Hang Out on Fat Shaming in Fashion

“They didn’t want to put my fat body in a store, they didn’t want to put my rolls anywhere,” plus-sized model Barbie Ferreira explains of shooting a major brand campaign from which she was unceremoniously cut with no explanation and no payment. This, after a video from the shoot featuring Barbie went viral and garnered millions of views for the brand. “I made their stocks go up and they never booked me again.”

Barbie is a successful plus-sized model who has been a face for Gucci and American Apparel campaigns and sports nearly 500 thousand instagram followers. In her What’s Underneath interview, she’s also refreshingly candid about some of the hardships, body discrimination, and even erasure she’s faced working as plus-sized fashion model who doesn’t fit the mold. With her sharp sense of humor, Ferriera recounts everything from shoots where caterers provided chocolate cake particularly for curvy girls to the false perceptions of guys she’s dated based on her “Instagram baddie” social media persona. By remaining unabashed about her truth and embracing her outsider status, Barbie is not only setting herself free but is also reshaping an industry and the world.

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