Summer Phoenix, What's Underneath
Hush Hush On the QT, Moms Feel Like Kids Too

Before her What’s Underneath interview, it occurred to the actress Summer Phoenix to ask her two sons (aged 11 and 9), on the way out the door, what they thought about her taking off her clothes on the Internet for our project. Their response? “No problem, mom, nobody we know reads that magazine and you should do what you want to.”

The future earth grandma, donning her oldest son’s hand-me-down sneakers, makes the ins and outs of motherhood wholeheartedly real. She grapples with the limited control that she has over what her kids are exposed via LA’s in-your-face display of privilege and consumerism. And, through the eyes of her kids’ friends, she confronts her own age despite the fact that she still feels like the club kid that she once was. As Summer explains, “When I try to relate to the junior high kids at my son’s school, they’re like, ‘You’re not a kid.’ It’s so weird! You don’t feel it, but you certainly look it. I’m raising my children, but I’m growing up too. I make mistakes constantly!”

For all of Summer journey from acting in the 90s independent film scene to fully committing herself to raising her two boys in the “urban jungle” of LA, watch her video above!

Thank you to Daniela London of Choose Love for providing the beautiful wall for our Los Angeles episodes, and thank you to Olie Biologique, a natural skincare line, for make it possible for us to share Summer’s story. As a part of our collaboration, six strong, unapologetic individuals from the project have made their own Olie body oils based on their spirit and stories. Click here to get your oil!

Follow Summer on Instagram: @summerjoyphoenix
Summer's episode was edited by Andrea Cruz and Kristen J.
What’s Underneath is produced by Elisa, Lily, & Mona

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