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An Actor Drops the Act About Having Hair

“To be OK with yourself — it’s not a destination, it’s a practice. If you practice it, that’s what it’s about,” states Anthony Carrigan, the tenacious actor with alopecia (an autoimmune disease that causes your hair to fall out). For years, Anthony was obsessed with hiding his condition (first from kids who teased him, then from directors and producers). But when he lost half of his hair (and most of his eyebrows and eyelashes) six months into a nine-month career-defining shoot, Anthony’s secret became public knowledge and put him on the path to embracing his condition: “It only took a couple of auditions before I booked something, because I had so much fuel inside of me.” Now, liberated by the acceptance of his natural body, Anthony has the fire to break free from being type-casted as a bad-guy and to show the world that you don’t need hair to be a leading man.

To see how Anthony went from feeling like his alopecia had to be concealed at all costs to embracing it as a hallmark of his undeniable coolness, watch his video above!

Thank you to Daniela London of Choose Love for providing the beautiful wall for our Los Angeles episodes!

With warmth and love,
Elisa + Lily

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Anthony’s video was edited by Andrea Cruz and Christophe McHale
What’s Underneath is produced by Elisa, Lily, and Ramona

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