Yara Flinn, Closets
Yara Flinn

"Even if you are dead against fashion, that is anti-fashion. That's still a statement," Yara says. She describes her expression as 'a clean slate.' Yara's essence shines through her clothing while she still appears distinct. This is never more epitomized than by the electric blue silk dress of her own design that might say 'party' on another but is as effortless on her as a sweatshirt tied around the waist. At six feet tall and a veteran basketball player herself, the color and drape-y fit is inspired by Yara's love for sports uniforms.

Like the combination of her floral chiffon shirt and denim cut-offs, Yara walks a straight line between masculine and feminine, never veering too much in one direction or another. She is covered up but revealing in a body-hugging but sporty Preen dress, and the leggings from her Spring collection are a a sophisticated riff on athletics. "There was a point of feminism where it was like acting like a man, dressing like a man -- I think we've moved beyond that, to where it's celebrating womanhood," Yara says, which, for me, makes her, in a Zero + Maria Cornejo jumpsuit and vintage denim jacket the exact kind of comfortable-chic that might see her cast in Woody Allen's Manhattan II and a mirror to her style icon Georgia O'Keeffe.

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