Tziporah Salamon, Closets
Tziporah Salamon

I was drawn like a magnet to Tziporah when I saw her meandering through one of my favorite New York institutions, the Manhattan Vintage Show. From her embroidered fezzes and shoes and turn of the century Moroccan and Pierrot-inspired blazers to her hand-painted silk scarves, Tziporah believes in telling a story about yourself though your style and exploring indigenous cultures. She says that she does not choose her clothes, but that they find her, proving that style is not about trends but rather comes from within. I love the story that she tells about her dressmaker parents working tirelessly through the night making her clothes, and how every morning she would wake up to something new and distinctive to wear. Tziporah is so passionate about the art of dressing, that when she was a "hippie" at Berkeley, she would disguise her purchases of Vogue behind Ms. Magazine. Tziporah is a force of nature, raising the bar of taste and style, but ultimately all she really cares about is making people smile.

Tziporah has a one woman show called "The Fabric of My Life" about her obsession and relationship with clothes and you should check out her website here.

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