Torr Love, Closets
Torr Love

I love when my art history juices can kick in when I am writing these posts. Despite the fact that Torr says that his room is his favorite place to travel, because it is a reflection of him and he “can stare at the wall and become inspired,” he is not short on imagination, and his references are educated. Torr says that he feels like Jesus with the crown of thorns when he wears his turban (the scarf that it is made from has a portrait of Frieda Kahlo on it). But my mind goes right to The Fortune Teller by Caravaggio, while Torr also imagines Saint Matthew by the same artist. Either way, he possesses an elegance and regality that befits his love of religious imagery. The hugely oversized Southwestern sweater looks more like a robe than a cardigan, his cream tunic (“very Vatican” in its marriage of the iconic and abstract), and the net poncho that changes jean cut-offs and a flannel into something playful and ethereal. Torr says that he “dresses for the feeling and soulfulness of things” – he fell to the ground when he found the gigantic knit sweater, as did I when he showed up in it for this shoot.

If you like Torr, you might also enjoy Michael Liu or Donna Harrison.

Check out Torr's blog, Leopard Milkshake, here.

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