Taz Arnold, Closets
Taz Arnold

1) How did you find Taz?
Jean LeBrun and Sonny Coates (who we are posting soon).

2) What did Taz inspire you to buy? Music, books, clothes, etc?
The work of two visionary musicians: The iconic rapper Ramellzee who produced Basquiat's album, Beat Pop Cowboy, and Malcolm McClaren's album, Duck Rock. I was very into listening to the latter based on Taz's description of its mix of Soweto, Blue Grass and Hip Hop singers. I would also love to own half of Taz's art and mysticism books.

3) What's the first thing you remember from your shoot with Taz?
-His fascination with the the history of California (from the Aztecs to the Spanish), and how LA used to be a part of Mexico.
-The fact that his eclectic interests and aesthetics have derived from his childhood growing up in a beach town where he was extremely influenced by the surf, skate, dance, MTV Raps, Basquiat, hip-hop and electronic music culture.
-His free spirited, authentically stylish parents who have given him a wide open love for life-- His dad was a fanatic collector, which you can see in Taz's studio, which is filled with albums, books, vintage patches and not just one, but multiples of what he loves, like his cowboy boots and MCM luggage. Also, his mom is one of those people who makes her own clothes and totally causes heads to turn with her innate style.

4) What was the gasp or melt-to-the-floor moment with Taz?
When he told me that his mom had given him LSD as a kid. Having done a share of it myself back in the day, I felt a kinship to Taz's open-heart and love for life, people and creativity.

5) What personal quality do you admire in Taz?
His ability to multi-task. Taz seems very fluid in his ability to move between father, business man, designer, music producer, stylist and musician.

6) What did Taz inspire in you?
To remember how important it is to carefully choose your clothing, as your body is advertising and you are essentially an endorsement of everything that you wear.

7) What is your favorite thing about Taz's style?
- His gold teeth or what he calls "sunlight" in his mouth.
- How he makes luxury brands cool, like by wearing a giant gold Rolex watch combined with a local designer's silver ring, or a drop pearl Chanel earring on one ear with an indigenous thunderbird on the other.
- His obsession with details-- He mixes studded Louboutins with Ralph Lauren argyle knee socks, wears perfectly customized Levi's, and consciously rocks bright turquoise Versace sunglasses in order to slash color and texture into the world.

8) What was the most covetable item in Taz's wardrobe?
His red Hermes belt and his knuckle "Hood Love" rings that he designed for his company, TISA.

9) What was your favorite thing about Taz's space?
His wall of album covers, his chandeliers, his vignettes of books and religious iconography everywhere. I love how Taz makes everything he own, including old Gucci loafers as floor decoration.

Questions answered by Elisa Goodkind, Co-Founder & Editor in Chief.

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