Tatiana Pajkovic, Closets
Tatiana Pajkovic

You have to break rules in order to be groundbreaking. When most are worshipping the flavorless rage of the moment, Tatiana is fascinated by the beauty in ugly clothing that has been tossed aside. Fellow rebels Thelma and Louise were incentive for her attraction to wear an ensemble of clashing reds. "I love to go against the rules I was taught when I was little," she trumpets. Also disruptive to average fashion thought are the high-waisted red leather pants that her boyfriend feels makes her "butt look like an elephant got jammed into a vacuum," but that Tatiana makes even more macho man-repellent with her rhinestone 50s glasses. For most, a Dior nightgown might never see the light of day, but she sees it as the foundation for a modern day Barry Lyndon 18th c. moment. Paired with Adidas sneakers, a tee shirt, a scarf wrapped around her hair, and a straw fedora, Tatiana's turns sleepwear into a riveting apparition that makes cutoff denim shorts and low-cut tank tops look mind-numbing.

Most girls bought into the dream of being Barbie, but from a young age Tatiana believed that she was the reincarnation of Jim Morrison. Her obsession with mixing up the mummifying roles of masculinity and femininity is witnessed when Tatiana steps into a male persona to pen her songs. "I write about everything from road trips to getting wasted and picking up naked girls to feeling betrayed by Hollywood," says Tatiana. "Even the devil," she adds, "because it pisses people off." Her band, Lovely Liar, isn't composed of self-absorbed 20-somethings but of old gray-haired jazz musicians with military service tucked under their belts. The influences in her music echo her sartorial expression, like throwing everything in a blender she states, and embodies a range of 40s blues, French pop, rock 'n' roll, 60s, 50s, Nina Simone, Bette Midler, and the super dark devilish blues (with some fun elements) of Robert Johnson and Son House.

So irreverent to the suffocating status quo, Tatiana's 60s white clogs mixed with a sunsuit is as intentionally strange an ensemble as her friends, who she describes as characters who are totally themselves. "I don’t mind if people are inappropriate, interrupting or bad mannered," reveals Tatiana . "If it's who they are it's fine. People should be like they want to be." Like Tatiana.

Video Edited by Aileen Haugh.

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