Tamu McPherson, Closets
Tamu McPherson

As a veteran fashion stylist, I often feel that those behind the camera are as interesting a subject as the ones typically in front. Like Tamu, those in the background can often be the ones who have not spent a lifetime prepping to be in the limelight, and, as a result, have an unrehearsed charm and natural self expression that is so much more intoxicating than something staged. It isn't the mint cable sweater and royal skinny jean that makes Tamu, it is Tamu that makes the clean and colorful sweater and jeans right.

We don't need corporations to tell us what is "in," when inspiring and independent minded people like Tamu are so in touch with making clothing and trends their own. I take notice of her innovative white shirt buttoned to the collar with a floral, slit pencil skirt, yellow socks and her favorite kitten heel, pointy sling backs, as much as the fact that she has a law and business degree, a son, a successful street style blog (one of my absolute favorites), and has also moved to Italy, learned the language, and is now the Editor in Chief job at Grazia in Milan. Let's just say, while Tamu has a crush on the styles of her unique street subjects, I have a crush on hers-- it's a win win for the new, fluid and creative way fashion is being consumed.

Visit Tamu's blog, All The Pretty Birds.
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