Stephen & Tracy McCarty, Closets
Stephen & Tracy McCarty

How did you find Tracy and Stephen?
Elisa: They were referred to us by Kimme Aaberg, who is one of the few people I know that can make denim overalls look elegant and sophisticated. I keep trying.

What were you inspired to buy after your interview with Tracy and Stephen?
Elisa: If I came across another pair of Tracy's 60's platform patchwork boots, I would buy them. I remember being intrigued by her loads of handmade soaps by Vicki Violet. I was also kind of dying over Stephen's vintage fur cardigan from Scout, one of the few LA vintage stores I haven't made it to yet.

What personal quality do you admire in Tracy and Stephen?
Elisa: Stephen's level of consciousness when it comes to walking the walk, as he says in his words-- "It is better to lead by example, because if you are not in a happy place no one will bother to check-out where you are coming from." For example, he is a drummer whose instruments are recycled food buckets and he is fully committed to a vegan diet. I also like when he makes the point that we bond unconsciously on negativity like alcohol and bad food. Tracy is pretty impressive with her dedication to being totally herself when it comes to dressing. I would secretly love to wear her Ganesh headdress, but I am not sure I ever would have the courage. Their basic not giving an "F" about what people think is very appealing to me, like when Tracy got on a bus to meet Stephen for the first time and spent a weekend with him, despite her fears.

What is your favorite thing about Tracy and Stephen's style?
Elisa: My favorite thing about Tracy's style is how she combines all things indigenous and vintage and makes it look edgy and timeless. I particularly love the Ungaro skirt with an embroidered Mexican shirt, Anna Molan ikat jacket, turban and lime green wooden wedges. Well…that's a lie, as I also really love her coat with antique coins all over it and her cream hand knit skirt. There isn't much I don't love. Stephen is pretty chic in the Indian floor length dress and of course his comfort level with wearing it says it all.

How did you feel after your interview with Tracy and Stephen?
I left Stephen and Tracy's house, in which their treasures are packed to the brim, feeling totally aligned with Stephen on how good you feel when you put natural plant energy into your body and with Tracy on how ill she feels if she sees something that she is obsessing over and can't have it, until she finds a way to get it.

Questions answered by Elisa Goodkind, Co-Founder & Editor in Chief.

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