Stephanie Niedospial, Closets
Stephanie Niedospial

Stephanie has a boyish, edgy, "girl next door" way about her. She's a head turner, without trying to hard. Despite her long all American locks and business background, there is something reminiscent of Sabina, the carefree artist in Milan Kundera's Unbearable Lightness of Being, with her closet of fedoras and bowlers (Lena Olin's style in this movie is unbearably perfect). Don't let the "little girl" Mary Janes fool you - roll up one sleeve of her t-shirt and you discover a tattoo of a giant tree with roots, a reminder of the committment to herself to never going back to a corporate job. The "take home" for me is the leather flight cap. It has an Amelia Earhart "air" about it, especially with her predispostion for menswear. Not to mention the cricket hat, with the prototypical boy next door's flannel shirt - let's face it, we all need to have one.

If you like Stephanie, you might also enjoy Julia Gartland or Sabrina Diaz.

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