Stephan Jenkins, Closets
Stephan Jenkins

I love that Stephan has the self awareness to say that his personality takes up a lot of space, so he likes his clothes not to. Knowing him, this is partly true; however, his taste for the genuine draws him towards clothing that are deceptively simple yet highly conceptual. He may be barefoot, in jeans and a t-shirt on stage, but there will always be the quintessential piece, like the Dickens-inspired top hat and sweater cape. Stephan is loyal and definitive to the core, and believes in wearing the shit out of your clothes. This only works with enduring materials and shapes that are dateless. When Carpe Diem first came onto the scene, with their emphasis on impeccable craftsmanship and experimentation with a modern take on historical references, he bought almost everything and still wears it all. In the same way that Stephan always wears the same brand of rag socks, his fans (including myself) always want to hear another Third Eye Blind song - the classics never get old. Stephan's style rocks like his music, intellectual and raw.
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