Stacey Clark & Harold Kuhn, Closets
Stacey Clark & Harold Kuhn

Harold and Stacey share a best friendship, a house, their personal style, and a line of clothes. They are a team with everything, Harold takes women's blazers and adds shoulder pads to make them more masculine, which has in turn, influenced Stacey to want to add more structure to the next Odilon collection. I love that he is from West Virginia, with a father that was a logger, which has inspired Harold to take his dad's suede fringe bags and add studds to the straps. And that Stacey, from her travels to Germany, has caused her to mature in her style and now likes to "weigh down" her looks, either with her heavy on the buckles Alexander Wang boots or draw on her eyebrows to make them super black. Made to be pieces that interchange like a uniform, Odilon's silk chiffon army jacket works on both of them, each in their own way. He, elegant meets lumberjack, she, natural meets progressive. Together, creating a singularly stellar collection.

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To learn more about Stacey and Harold, click on the detailed captions page.

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